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The United States national debt has topped $16 trillion after the country logged a $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012. This was the fourth straight year in which the U.S. posted a trillion dollar shortfall.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that approximately 15 million Americans are unemployed. And still, U.S. companies continue shipping American jobs overseas. In 2011, Americans lost 2,273,392 jobs to outsourcing. The biggest offending industries include:

  • Manufacturing 53 %
  • IT Services 43 %
  • R&D 38 %
  • Distribution 26 %
  • Call or Help Centers 12 %

According to, an organization dedicated to exposing American corporations that outsource American jobs, if U.S. companies stopped outsourcing jobs, the unemployment rate, which reached 10.2% in 2009, would be just 2.6%.

The truth is that we don’t need a plan to create new jobs. We just need to keep the jobs we currently have in America!

The Fight4America – There is a Cure to Save America  

Politicians continue to offer solutions, ideas, policies, reforms, budget cuts, government spending, job creation plans, and more, all of which has resulted in little to no success. It is time that we, as Americans, start fighting for our rights!

The Fight4America Bill is designed to reward American citizens and companies that take specific actions to support American jobs, wealth, and the national economy. It is designed to incentive pro-American spending and hiring decisions while investing into American industry.

The F4A bill is the cure, are you ready to accept the vaccine?

To learn more, please contact Fight4America by filling the contact form at today!

For years we’ve sent jobs and money to foreign countries while our own economy sinks deeper into depression and our national unemployment rate rises. If America is to recover, we must stop this.

Please Sign the F4A Bill.

Support the fight. Support our bill. Most of all, Support America!

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Deficit tops $1 trillion for 4th straight year

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